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James R.

"Had a problem with our slide-out topper.  Wanted to express my appreciation for the help you provided.  The service provider was fast and efficient and resolved my problem so I can travel safely.  I will certainly recommend your service to my fellow RVers."

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24/7 Unlimited Roadside Assistance

24/7 RV Technical Assistance Hotline

Concierge Services

Travel with the peace-of-mind protection you deserve.

Assistance with common operational issues such as:

Your personal assistant on the road with services such as:


Flat Tire Assistance

Emergency Fluids Delivery

Battery Boost

Mobile Mechanic

Retracting slide rooms

Leveling jacks

Power supply

Operating various RV appliances

Locating a service facility

Restaurant reservations

RV campground reservations

Business locator services

Event tickets

Travel document replacement

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Why Choose Coach-Net?

Coach-Net has built the services offered around the needs of the RV and your RV lifestyle. Our primary concern is your safety, closely followed by getting you back on the road to continue on with your journey.

Coach-Net provides nationwide tire locate service to locate and deliver a tire for your RV no matter where you are (in your driveway, in a campground, or on the side of the road). This tire will be delivered by someone who has all the equipment with them to mount the tire onto your rim and get it back onto the RV.

Coach-Net has our own 24/7 dispatch call center so we do not have to use a third party to take care of our members' needs.

Coach-Net has RV certified, master certified, and factory trained technicians in our call center for your major mechanical disablements and operational concerns.

Coach-Net will verify service on the day of disablement, for your specific need to help you get back on the road in a timely manner.

About Coach-Net

Since 1987, Coach-Net has been a trusted name within the RV industry, partnering with more than 70% of RV manufacturers to provide their roadside assistance programs. Coach-Net understands the specialized needs of RVs and the RVer.


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