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RV Roadside Plans

Coach-Net is extremely excited to announce that we will have launched a NEW roadside program available only through our dealer partners.  That's right! Not even Coach-Net will be selling this program directly to customers.  You have the opportunity to offer your customers the most comprehensive RV roadside assistance plan on the market.

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Dealer-Exclusive Program

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Enhanced Benefits For Your Customers

Wow, I am so thankful for Coach-Net!!! I had just joined the service, based on a friends recommendation, when I was crossing country from Florida.  I was cruising along when the dreaded smell of something burning came up. I called Coach-Net and they got a tow truck there pretty quickly and just in time - the highway opened up, a storm raged and there was an accident at that very location I was stopped at. They had to tow me to the nearest Walmart for the night, but the next morning another tow driver arrived to take me 50 miles away to the shop for the repair.  All in all, it was the best breakdown I've ever had!!!  ~ D. Hartwell

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